Sex and relationships

It is not unusual to want to be in a relationship as this is a normal part of developing as a young person. You might be attracted to guys, girls, both or still be working it out. There is no pressure or hurry to find someone you like right away.

There are so many mixed messages out there about sex, sexual health and what's right and wrong in relationships. Arm yourself with the facts.


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  • sex written on wallSex

    It can be easy to be confused about sex we are giving so many mixed messages about it. Know the facts as much as you can.

  • love heart sweetsRelationships

    Relationships can make you very happy but don’t underestimate how much work they can take.

  • girl listening on tin can telephoneCommunication in relationships

    Knowing how to talk, argue and explain your feelings is one of the most important tools in any relationship.

  • condomsSexual health

    There are many sexually transmitted infections you can get and not show any symptoms so it’s important to know what’s what, for yourself and others.

  • pregnancy testPregnancy

    Information, advice and things you need to know about pregnancy.