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This short film by Adam Keane was the second runner up in Inspire a Generation Film Competition 2014.

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Winner – Jack Reardon’s Talking about tough times

First runner up – Stephen Hallinan’s The search

Highly commended – Michelle Duong’s Overcoming Grief

Highly commended – Shaun Meighan’s Anxiety

Highly commended – Felicity Neary’s Your mental health


What is depression?

This animation explains the signs and symptoms of depression and what you can do to help yourself or a friend who is going through a tough time.

Tag: Depression


This documentary style short discusses topics around mental health such as stigma and how to get through tough times.

Tag: Depression, Inform yourself

Wash, rinse and repeat

This is an animation about someone’s experience of depression and learning to manage it.

Tag: Depression, Suicide and self-harm


This is a real story submitted by someone who used to self-harm.

Tag: Anxiety, panic and shyness, Inform yourself, Depression, Suicide and self-harm

Running is not forever

During an English lesson a teacher told a class something they would never forget. She told them that running was better, but it was not forever.

Tag: Depression, Inform yourself, Suicide and self-harm