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Ian’s journey

In July a former intern with will undertake the biggest physical challenge of his life. Preparing for this has made him realise the importance of keeping motivated and having good mental health.
Ian’s journey

F**k my life

Love happy, money happy, beauty happy, friends happy, sports happy, McDonalds happy…F*ck My Life. 
What’s it really like being a teenager today? Fenella went to see this powerful theatre piece in Cork on Wednesday.

Our two and a half cents

Tired of pretending he's not special, Charlie Sheen has out on a few shows in the last week. It's entertaining to most but should people be using mental illness terminology so freely?

Eating disorders awareness week

Eating disorders are about more than food or weight and can affect people of all shapes, sizes, colours, ages and sexualities. A number of events are being held around the country this week to raise awareness about eating disorders.

Be your own Valentine

Sometimes the world seems like Noah’s Ark, everyone in pairs. The run up to Valentine’s Day can reinforce this, but it's ok to be single and happy.
Be your own Valentine

Starting to run

Last November Nigel found himself with a lot of new spare time with a lot of his friends emigrating. He chose to set himself a challenge of starting to train for the Cork Marathon.

Get on board!

Why does young peoples' mental health rarely feature in political debates? We are asking you to ask candidates in your area to "Get on board" for youth mental health.

Mental Health Week in Cork

Last week University College Cork (UCC) held a Mental Health week. To mark this Padraig Rice, UCC Welfare Officer wrote us this blog post about the tough times students are going through at this time of year.

Dealing with unemployment

Unemployment is on the rise and an undeniable cause of stress. Here are some tips to help you stay positive if you are finding being out of work tough.

Applying for college

Darragh is in sixth year working towards his Leaving Certificate. Now at CAO time he tells us about his choices for college.

Learning to control OCD

Maser, a Dublin-based graffiti artist, writes a very honest account about developing and learning to live with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

New year resolutions

It's the new year and if you respected tradition you more than likely over-indulged over Christmas. So now it's time to think about some resolutions.

Know the one that’s one too many

Christmas generally means plenty of eating and drinking but it's important to stay safe and not overdo it. Here are tips for low-risk drinking at Christmas.

Christmas is here!

Love it or hate it, you can't avoid Christmas. It can be a fun time but it can also be a pretty stressful time.

Recession is creating a downturn in mood

Today the Samaritans released an impact report for Ireland for the last 12 months, showing a huge increase in calls to their service.

How last week’s budget affects you

A summary of how Budget 2011 will affect young people. Features information on education, welfare payments and mental health spending.

It’s harder returning than preparing to leave

Jodie left for Bolivia over two years ago and here is her story about coming back to Ireland.

Lisa’s story: a case study

Lisa shares her experience of getting involved with

Positive messages out of the blue

Students in NUI Maynooth had exam time lightened up by receiving postcards with messages either sent by themselves or friends as part of "Note to self" campaign.

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