• Maser Loves U

    Author: reachout

    Hey, I’m Maser. I’m a Dublin based graffiti artist. I recently got involved with and every few weeks I’m going to blog about what I’m at, my thoughts and what I’m working on etc.

  • College Life: Meeting new people

    Author: reachout

    College clubs and societies are a great way of meeting like-minded people! Don’t worry about whether or not you’ll know anyone there, just to brave that first meeting, and you’ll soon create new friendships.

  • Story of

    Author: reachout started in Ireland just over a year ago and in very timely fashion the ABC TV network in Australia has produced a documentary on Jack Heath, the founder of Inspire and

  • World Suicide Prevention Day

    Author: reachout

    Derek Chambers talks about suicide prevention and the affect of the economic transtion on suicide rates in Ireland.

  • College Life: Conquering Your Fresher Fears

    Author: reachout

    Did I choose the right college and the right course? Should I move out, or travel up every day? And if I move, where will I live? Do we have the money? Katia looks at these questions and more in her first blog for our ‘Transitions’ month.

  • FML Review [UPDATE]

    Author: reachout

    Love happy, money happy, beauty happy, friends happy, sports happy, McDonalds happy…F*ck My Life. What’s it really like being a teenager today? And how on earth do you become a happy one?

  • Network Event 2010

    Author: reachout

    How we spent our first Network event.


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